AboutPatrícia Marques

Patrícia is a freelance makeup artist based in Lisbon, Portugal, who loves the art of transforming the human body.

Her career began with a young production company called Kinéma where she has done music videos, advertisements and television shows, and with whom she still maintains a strong connection and collaborates in several projects. SP Televisão was also one of the first production companies. Here she participated in the production of award winning Portuguese television fiction such as Coração D'Ouro, Paixão and Amor Maior.

Apart from projects for the "small screen" she has been involved in fashion, theatre and brides. The later has a special meaning, for brides are celebrating a landmark in their relationships and embarking on a new chapter. This day is special for them and with makeup combined with skill and technique, Patrícia has the chance to contribute to make it memorable.

Due to her background in arts (drawing, painting, metal work and restoration) Patrícia brings a lot of skills to be applied in any project that elevate its final quality. Her training as a cosmetologist and aesthetician elevate her skills by treating the body, especially the skin (her canvas), as best as possible, priming it for a great work. Moreover, her attention to detail and dedication to every aspect of the role she plays in each production, make her a great makeup artist and a professional worth working with.